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section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

what s up 2018

Christmas: a real story


The UN Climate Change Conference : cop 24

Dim the Sun to limit global warming, say scientists (27th November, 2018)


Huge migrant caravan heads to the USA

Remembrance Day 2018: November 11 th

Halloween by Emily Joy

Article sans titre

NASA 's 60th anniversary

The European day for languages

U.N. International Day of Peace (September 21 st)

Air pollution damages intelligence, says study (1st September, 2018)

Half of life on Earth gone since humans arrived

Brexit and the royal wedding: which is the real Britain?

Japanese people : an endangered species ?


Earth day on April 22 nd 2018

Seed vault now has over a million species (6th April, 2018)

Commonwealth Games a major event in the world of sports !

our Australian penfriends are coming soooooon !!!

Human impact on nature : death of the world last white male rhino in March 2018

Student walkout to protest against gun violence in the USA

Incredible but true ! Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to meet

American woman wakes up with British accent (15th February, 2018)

The World's Most Powerful Rocket

Groundhog Day 2018: Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, six more weeks of winter

Key Brexit MP: ‘astonishing’ no EU relationship negotiated

Two Koreas to share flag for Winter Olympics in February 2018

Trump calls immigrant nations 'sh*thole' countries ( January, 2018)

2018 to be a great year !

Christmas miracle – a real story!