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section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

Why DO People Live in Seismic Areas ?

Why DO People Live in Seismic Areas  ?

There are several reasons why people continue living in seismic areas.
They can be divided into categories of LICs and HICs and Economic, social and environmental reasons for earthquakes and volcanoes.

  • People like where they are living.  They don't want to leave their family, friends and job.
  • People do not understand the dangers
  • People may worship Gods (of volcanoes)
    • eg. Indonesia, HawaiiSocial
      • Some places have good views
        • People do not want to move away from places like that
      • Technology brings us "earthquake-proof" aseismic buildings
        • People believe that they are safe there (eg. Japan)
        • San Francisco Airport


  • Many people simply cannot afford to move.
  • Minerals, rocks, gems can often be found near volcanoes
  • Many precious minerals (gold, silver, copper, diamonds etc.) can be found
    • Chile, Africa
    • Mining these minerals will bring lots of money
  • Volcanoes provide cheap geothermal energy
    • Magma underground provides heat for electricity, central heating (for water), tourism (hot springs)
    • Iceland - hot springs and cheap geothermal energy
    • This saves a lot of money
  • Earthquake prone areas may fall on places that are full of business opportunities.
    • People are not willing to leave those areas because they need to work there for financial support for their families
  • Volcanoes are tourist spots
    • Mt. Etna, Italy


  • Fertile land (from ash, minerals and magma from previous volcanic eruptions) - the land is good for growing crops
    • Indonesia - Mt. Merapi (grows rice)
    • Italy - Plain of Compania, Vesuvius (grows TOMATOES -)

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