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section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

Watch the movie : " Les Pépites"


When arriving in Cambodia 25 years ago, Christian and Marie-France des Pallières discovered the inhuman daily life of the children in Phnom-Penh, forced to dig in huge open-air garbage dumps in order to find food and survive. 


Step by step, they fought to take them out of this hell and change their lives. And what was only a small nursery near the garbage dump at the beginning became one of the most wonderful schools in the world, the one of the association «Pour un Sourire d'Enfant» (For a Child's Smile).





«My happiest memory is when i was told i could go to school. It was in 1996.» (Sinoun)


«If PSE hadn't existed, I wouldn't be here, I probably would have died on the garbage dump ...» (Sok Nov)


«PSE started on that day in 1995 where we saw those children eat in the garbage of the open-air dump in Stung Meanchey in Phnom-Penh. It made me want to scream ! After seing that, it was just impossible to go on with our usual lives. Something had to be done.» (Christian des Pallières)


Through several testimonies and moments of life, Les Pépites shares the deeply moving fight of this french couple to give 10 000 cambodian children their life back and a future.


Directed by Xavier de Lauzanne, it will be realeased in movie theatres on October 5th, to celebrate the 20 years of the association « Pour Un Sourire d’Enfant » founded by Christian and Marie-Pierre.




10 years ago, Xavier de Lauzanne directed a 52mn documentary on « Pour Un Sourire d’Enfant » for the TV channel France 5. The story was so powerful that it was obvious it had to be shown on the big screen. Thus, Xavier decided to shoot this documentary with the ambition of making it a true moment of cinema.


Les Pépites was thought for the big screen from day 1. Emotions we shared with an audience, in a movie theatre, are always much stronger than alone in front of a TV. That's what Xavier had in mind when he directed his documentary. He shot during several weeks in Phnom-Penh using a technical equipment that allowed him to capture unique scenes and moments of grace. These scenes, along with images of children from as far as 20 years ago, shine a light on their unbelievable destiny, and bring us in an emotional rollercoaster with an optimistic ending.




Why fund it?

Les Pépites were  released in movie theatres in october 2016. Why, then, did they need  help ?


The fact is that, despite the commitment of several partners, giving a decent exposure to a documentary shot for the big screen was very complicated. The documentary is a genre that is often considered less appealing than fiction, where subtantial investments are hard to obtain.

As a result, Les Pépites were released discretely, with very few promotion.

There is a big risk, unfortunately, that it will remain unnoticed.


To change this mentality, we need the spectators' support... your support !

We strongly believe in the ability of Les Pépites to make a positive impact on our society. It is a beautiful story with images as powerful and emotional as the best fictions. Its inspiring message makes it a necessary and meaningful movie.


We are convinced that Les Pépites can draw people's attention and have a real social impact. However, to make this possible, the audience has to be aware that this documentary even exists ! People need to have heard of it through the radio, billboards in the street, trailers in the cinema, or advertisements in the newpapers. With your help, we will be able to give this opportunity to Les Pépites, and prove that documentaries deserve to be on the big screen !








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