section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

Pupils from AMBOISE are going to HALLE (Germany) for one week with ERASMUS + PROJECT

 THiS IS A GREAT PROJECT  which  is funded by the European commission in order to make pupils from different European countries work together on the same project


 The title of our project is the Impact of new technologies and sciences in the lives of Europeans ( ISLE)


This adventure  started in september 2015 and will last 2 years  and our high school  coordinates the work of 5 European schools : 

 ours  : Leonard de Vinci ( France )

 Sint Donatus institute in Belgium 

Hugo Treffneri gymnasium in Tartu in  Estonia

Bjorkebyskolan  in  Jarfalla  in Sweden

 and  Halle gymnasium   in  Halle in Germany    


Within these 2 years , there will be a meeting in each schoolwith delegations from each  country .

Each  meeting  lasts 5 days

 There has been  a selection to choose  the  students  that  take part in these school trips and become ambassadors of their school and their country




 Here are  some of the planned common works and collaborations:


- Nuclear production 

- Food ; Chemistry and chocolate 

- Sciences technologies and art 

- Food and ecology 

- Innovative materials 

- Technologies and communications 

- Sciences in the city 

- Sciences in new cooking 



France  ( Leonard de Vinci high school ) is  in charge of  the general coordination of the project  and  the coordination of the newspaper.



Productions and presentations


On every mobility's last day, the teachers will ask the students to prepare a presentation of what have been studied during the five-day stay. Students make  documents ( texts, powerpoints, diaporama, movies ...) about the different activities and l present them.

Those productions will be used in the newspaper " The Erasm Tribute " After each mobility, the host is in charge of the newspaper's issue. In it, we  speak about what happened during the week, about the students' productions, with pictures, and other articles in relation with the Items studied during the mobility. Each school may also publish a special issue, to introduce a specific Item for example.

The project newspaper can be considered as an underlying theme. France is the coordinator of this newspaper. It is published for the actors of the project, teachers and students of each school and different skateholders.

Finally, a public exhibition will be organized locally by each partner to disseminate the project in May 2017 . Those exhibitions will consist of some students' presentations ( sciences that changed our lives ), some newspaper's issues, pictures and videos of the different mobilities   , testimonies ...


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