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section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

Marien and thanksgiving in the USA !

Hi there !

On Thursday November 28th, the USA celebrated Thanksgiving, the second most important holiday of the year for an American. No worries, I will not offend you or your beloved English teacher reminding where this very special day comes from. Anyway, I had the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving in an American family, and Mrs Derouet thought that I could share my experience with you via this article.

My day started at 10am. My host father, my host brother and I went to a football game between my town, Ipswich, and our neighbors and rival, Hamilton-Wenham. The football game in Thanksgiving day tradition is widely spread in the US. Almost the whole town comes, and it is a convenient way to wish everyone you know a good Thanksgiving.

After Ipswich get crushed, as usual, we went back home to get ready to leave around 2pm toward my host mother cousin's. There, I met a lot of my host mother's relatives, such as her parents and sieblings. Then, we all gathered around the table, and I can finally answer the only important question which is running in your head : What did I eat ?

Of course, we shared the unavoidable perfectly cooked turkey with a cranberries sauce. We also get some stuffing, a kind of salty purée made with the meat sauce. Everyone get a generous portion of mashed potatoes, carrots or celeri as well. We finished this traditionnal lunch with, as desserts, a pumpkin tart or an apple pie.

Then, around 6pm, we visited my host father sister in New Hampshire. We ended up eating another slice of pie. Finally, we went to another family, my host father other siebling, but I was way too full to eat anything else.

As you may have understood, my Thanksgiving consisted in eating a lot of yummy food with a bunch of people I did not know. It was a wicked pleasant but exhausting day.

With all my best wishes, Marien

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