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section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

Is it time for real Jurassic park ?

Is it time for real Jurassic park ?


Amazing : Scientists grew a 30,000-Year-Old Plant !


In February 2012, Russian scientists recreated a plant from cell tissue that had been frozen for 30,000 years. The research team from Russia’s Institute of Cell Biophysics team regenerated the plant from tissue found in the Siberian permafrost.

The plant the scientists brought back to life is called the Silene stenophylla.. The plant had been stored away by squirrels during their hibernation 30 millennia ago, during the age of woolly mammoths. It froze and never thawed.

The scientists believe that the regeneration of the Silene stenophylla plant means the permafrost is a natural store of ancient life forms that could be recreated.


There is an opportunity to resurrect flowering plants that have gone extinct in the same way that we talk about bringing mammoths back to life, the Jurassic Park kind of idea.

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