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section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

Have you seen the Butler ?

No no :  this time this is not a job advert from the British Royal family ,

this is about a film  that derserves a special mention

So Have you seen the Butler ? 

This movie tells the remarkable yet true story of White House  African-American butler cecil Gaines  (played by Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker), who served eight U.S. presidents   (from Truman to Reagan)over the course of 30 years, and witnessed sweeping social change during his three decades of service at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Indeed , he witnessed  history close-up at a time when a new chapter seemed to be written daily.


As proof of how radically the world will change during his lifetime, the story begins with Cecil as a boy working on a cotton plantation, where his employer teaches him how to serve white folks: ''The room should feel empty when you're in it.''

Years pass, and Cecil lands a job at a ritzy D.C. hotel, where his white-gloved obsequiousness grabs the attention of a White House aide, who hires him.

The Butler can be considered as an ambitious, sweeping period drama that manages to be incredibly affecting and feel as if the words ''For Your Consideration'' are stamped across every frame.

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