section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

Claire 's message about the prep for ARTS and DESIGN school



A few days before the beginning of this year, I tried to imagine how my future student’s life would be. Part of students keeps a quite bad memory about this period, and the others don’t.

In my case, it’s so far a good experience and I enjoy it! I study in a prep of applied Arts in Blois in order to integrate an ART  & DESIGN SCHOOL next year.

Some elements of my life are quite different from my former life in DA VINCI  High School, before the A-Level.

First, I probably learnt a new definition of the word « work » in this class : during the A-Level’s year, you obviously think you study a lot, but after it, you understand that it was little compared to all the expected things in the graduate studies. All the teachers warn you from the outset that you’ll have to be efficient, organized and determined if you want to succeed, and that you’ll quickly forget what holidays could be…

That could be hard, but I think it’s a good way to see how you have to work, and how you’ll have to work after.


A second element has radically changed my « HGH SCHOOL HABITS » : the TEACHERS . That may sounds crazy, but in my school, all the students have to call their teachers by their first name and not by their surname ! Some people might think it removes all authority and respect between the teacher and his students, but I don’t follow this point of view : it was obviously destabilizing at the beginning, but I understood how this new relationship could show to my classmates and I the type of work amtosphere we’ll probably find in our professionnal lifes. We’re not just considered as students, but as young adults and this difference provides a more professionnal link, without loosing respect and authority.


This new consideration is probably the biggest change with the high school. We’re inspired to be more and more autonomous, more and more mature (for example, we went to Paris in November, and the teacher only gave us the pickup point and the metro line, refusing to follow us. She strongly wanted us to be AUTONOMOUS  in a big city, and see if we’re able to do it). Such a trust wouldn’t be possible in the high school !


Well, I think I have listed all the most important changes in my new life ! Even it’s difficult, I hope it will continue that way ; I am sure the difficulty is not a problem if you enjoy your studies and if you FOLLOW YOUR PASSION


Claire , former student in DA VINCI " euro section"  ( promotion 2010/2013 )

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