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section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE


Christmas in Tasmania

Tasmania is an amazing place to spend Christmas with plenty of spots to explore from white sand beaches to beautiful mountains. Here are our reasons to spend Christmas in Tasmania.

Tassie Christmas on the beach

Going to the beach at Christmas in Australia for many is a bit of a tradition. Beaches like Bondi or Manly in Sydney and St Kilda in Melbourne are packed at this time of year. In Tasmania it doesn't take much effort to find a beach that with no one at it. Keep in mind though most Tasmanian beaches are too remote to be patrolled so if you aren't a strong swimmer stick to patrolled beaches. If you are a strong swimmer then many of the East Coast beaches will be an absolute delight.

Climb a Mountain

If you want an alternative way to spend Christmas and need a break from drunk uncles and piles of presents then it's worth considering going on an Adventure. A number of companies offer walking and rafting tours over Christmas and you can always organise your own.

White Christmas

This one doesn't happen every year but occasionally it gets cool enough at higher altitudes for it to snow. 

Sunsets around Solstice

With the longer days around the Summer Solstice it's a great time of year for shooting sunsets with some amazing pink and orange colours covering the sky at this time of year.

Adorable Wildlife

While Australia is well known as a country where the wild life may kill you,

BUT  we also have our fair share of adorable animals.  in Tasmania there are  wallabies (miniature Kangaroos), Pademellons (miniature wallabies), Wombats, Quolls and even the devils just piling on the cuteness.

Tasmanian Food

Tasmania has the best food, with the ability to cook with fresh, locally produced ingredients from a farmer less than an hours drive from your kitchen. With everything from local meats, fruits, wines, beer, spirits and lolies all available locally at Salamanca market you could easily put a fresh Christmas dinner together with ingredients sources only from Tasmania.

Luxury Christmas

Want to get away from it all and just treat yourself or your family to something a little special?

Tasmania has all sorts of luxury accommodation and places to stay that are an absolute treat and take in some stunning views.





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