section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

section européenne Lycée VINCI à AMBOISE

Being an "Au- pair" in Australia : here is Lucie's experience


Hi everyone !
 My name is Lucie and I   am twenty I have chosen to go and work in Australia as  an Au pair
My organization is "au pair azur" in Nice.  There are fees but I felt  it was a safer  way  to get a family .
Almost 2 months since I have arrived in Australia.It's really a beautiful country. The scenery is amazing ! Sun is present everyday, it's very hot, I got sunburnt.
Australians are very generous and sociable. I meet many people of different nationalities, lot of Germans.My family is very nice, I am lucky.
Every week is different. I work 30hours per week for 180$. But when you work with children who go to school every day, you make the  children get ready  (breakfast, clothes )  and   leave the kids at school. Then you are free from 8AM to 3PM, afterwars you help children to do homework and you prepare dinner.
I  also play with Ashley  the baby girl I look after . ( we do water bubbles, walk to the  park,  go shopping...).

The most suprising element for me in Australia is the friendliness of the LOCALS.
One day , I was lost and when I asked my way  : they all helped me whereas they didn't know my destination (they looked which bus I could take). A nice Brazillian walked me back to my house because it was night and  did not want me to come alone ! Another day I hadn't enough money on me to pay my train ticket, a lady  paid without  asking for anything back .

Perth is a very big city, lot of shops, lot of animation. Free buses to going to the beach.

I don't drive yet, but there are lot of automatic cars so it's easier to drive.

Food... it's very different. Morning toast or cereals or eggs and  fruit... it 's up to you !
 For lunch  : often sandwiches. and  for dinner :  vegetables and meat (often chicken).
 However , rarely cheese, no dessert and no bread, some pasta. lot of sodas. And the famous fish and chips (very fat !!!)
I forgot an important thing, days are not organized similarly. We get up at about 7 am we have lunch  between 11 am and 12 am and the dinner between 5 pm and 6:30 pm, has 7:30 pm max because  it's night.

In my free time, I meet another au pair, or another people. Shopping, beach and visit nice places (botanic garden, zoo, amusement park, aquarium...).

I hope it wil make you fell going like  coming to Australia ! it is an amazing experience  !!!


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